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Personal data processing administrator Limited Liability Company “DataGroup Technology SIA” (hereinafter referred to as DGT), single registration number: 50103850441, legal address: Ciekurkalna 8th crossroad 1B-424, Riga, LV-1026, Latvia. Contact information regarding the processing of personal data DGT is an e-mail address: Using this contact information, you can ask a question about the processing of personal data.


DGT cares about the protection of the privacy and personal data of customers, respects the rights of customers to the legality of the processing of personal data in accordance with the applicable legal acts – the Laws and lower legal acts of the Republic of Latvia, the Regulation of the Parliament and the Council of Europe of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals in relation to processing of personal data and the free processing of this data (Regulation), and other applicable legal acts in the field of confidentiality and data processing. The privacy policy applies to data processing, regardless of the form and/or medium in which the Client provided personal data (on the DGT website, in paper format or/via electronic communication), and in which company system or paper format they are processed.


DGT processes personal data for the following purposes:
• to identify the Client;
• for the preparation and conclusion of the contract;
• for the supply of goods and the provision and conduct of services (for the performance of contractual obligations);
• to promote the use of the service, as well as to advertise and distribute services;
• for customer service;
• to consider and process objections and applications;
• to administer settlements;
• to maintain and improve the operation of the site.


DGT processes the Client’s personal data based on the following legal bases:
• for the conclusion and execution of the contract – to conclude the contract at the request of the Client and ensure its execution;
• for the execution of normative acts – in order to fulfill the obligations established by external normative acts;
• in accordance with – the consent of the Client – the data subject;
• in legitimate interests – in order to realize legitimate interests arising from the obligations existing between DGT and the Client or the concluded contract;
The legitimate interests of the DGT are:
• conducting commercial activities;
• verification of the Client’s identity before entering into an agreement;
• ensuring the fulfillment of contractual obligations; • saving customer orders;
• analysis of the DGT website;
• administration of DGT client accounts;
• promotion of goods and services, incl. in the form of commercial communication;
• sending messages about the progress of the application and service contracts;
• administration of orders and payments;
• informing the public about their activities


In order to efficiently and promptly ensure the fulfillment of obligations under the contract concluded with the Client, DGT may authorize its business partners to carry out certain activities for the supply of goods or the provision of services, such as the implementation of work on the provision of services, sending invoices, etc. If in the course of executing these orders, the partners process the Client’s personal data held by DGT, the partners shall be considered DGT’s data processors (processors), and DGT may transfer to the partners the necessary Client’s personal data to carry out this activity to the extent necessary for the conduct of thisactivities.DGT business partners in the status of a personal data processor will ensure the processing and fulfillment of personal data protection requirements in accordance with the requirements of DGT and legal acts, and will not use personal data for other purposes than to fulfill obligations under an agreement concluded with the Client, according toon behalf of the DGT.
DGT protects the Client’s data using the possibilities of modern technologies, taking into account the existing confidentiality risks and reasonably available organizational, financial and technical resources of DGT, incl. using the following security measures:
DGT processes the Client’s data using the possibilities of modern technologies, taking into account the existing confidentiality risks and reasonably available organizational, financial and technical resources of DGT, incl. using the following security measures:
• Data pseudonymization;
• Firewall;
• Protection and intrusion detection programs;
• Other protective measures in accordance with current technical developments.
DGT does not disclose the Client’s personal data to third parties except in the following cases:
• if the relevant third party needs to transfer data within the framework of a concluded contract (for example, delivery of goods);
• in accordance with the clear and unambiguous consent of the Client;
• persons provided for in external regulations, after their reasonable request in the manner and to the extent established in external regulations;
• cases provided for in external regulations to protect the legitimate interests of the DGT, for example, when applying to the court or other state bodies against persons who have affected these legitimate interests.


DGT personal data cannot be accessed by persons from third countries (i.e. countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area) these persons (in the meaning of the Regulation – transfer to third countries) as data controllers (operators).


DGT stores and processes the Client’s personal data as long as at least one of the following criteria exists:
• only as long as the contract concluded with the Client is in force;
• as long as DGT or the Client can exercise their legitimate interests in accordance with the procedure established in external regulations (for example, file objections or file a lawsuit in court);
• as long as either party has a legal obligation to keep the data;
• while the Client’s consent to the respective processing of personal data is in force, if there is no other legal basis for data processing. After the circumstances referred to in this paragraph cease, the Client’s personal data will be deleted.


The client has the right to receive the information specified in regulatory enactments in connection with the processing of his data, verify the correctness of the data and correct them. The Client, in accordance with regulatory enactments, also has the right to demand access to their personal data from DGT, as well as to demand that DGT supplement, correct or delete them, or restrict processing in relation to the Client, the right to object to processing (including processing of personal data, which is done on the basis of the legitimate interests of the DGT), as well as the right to data portability. These rights are exercisable insofar as the processing of data does not arise from the obligations of the DGT, which are imposed on it by the current regulations and which are carried out in the public interest.
The client can submit a request to exercise his rights:
• sent by mail in writing with a notarized signature;
• by e-mail, signing with a secure electronic signature;
Upon receiving the Client’s request to exercise its rights, DGT verifies the Client’s identity, evaluates the request and fulfills it in accordance with the laws and regulations. DGT sends the answer to the Client by mail to the contact address indicated by him by registered mail, or, if possible, taking into account the method of receiving the answer indicated by the Client. DGT ensures compliance with the requirements for data processing and protection in accordance with the laws and regulations, and in the event of objections from the Customer, takes reasonable steps to resolve the objections. However, if this fails, the Client has the right to apply to the supervisory authority – the Data State Inspectorate.


The client can give his consent to the processing of personal data, the legal basis of which is consent, on the DGT page. (for example, newsletter subscription forms). The client has the right to revoke the consent given for data processing at any time in the same way as it was given, or by sending a corresponding application to the e-mail address: and in this case, further data processing based on the previously given consent for a particular goals, will no longer be pursued. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the processing of data made at the time when the consent of the Client was in force. Withdrawal of consent cannot interrupt data processing carried out on other legal grounds.


DGT communicates with the Client using the contact information provided by the Client (phone number, e-mail address, postal address). Communication on the fulfillment of obligations under the service contract DGT conducts on the basis of the concluded contract (for example, agreeing on the time for the delivery of services or repairing damage, information about invoices, scheduled work, communication interruptions, changes in services, etc.)


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